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No one wants to be in pain

Maybe it's nagging neck pain that's preventing you from getting a good night's sleep or the weekly/daily headache, or you suffer from migraines. Maybe it's ongoing low back pain and bad posture from sitting at a desk all day. Maybe it's the stress and tension between your shoulder blades, that tightness that won't go away. Maybe you're feeling exhausted and have low energy. We understand that not functioning at your 100% can be frustrating and leave you feeling helpless. You're not alone.

Rock Balancing

Your body is made to heal

We believe that your body has a tremendous capacity to heal, adapt and learn. When your body is functioning properly, pain and symptoms go away. We believe in working with people and families to help them feel empowered and motivated to reach their goals and optimize their health. Your body is an amazing machine that has certain requirements it needs and we are here to help you understand and implement these requirements.

Let us help

We look at things differently, and our fresh look at your health and your goals are our priority. Following an initial exam and assessment we will develop a unique plan designed to help you meet all of your health goals. Chiropractic care is more then just covering up your symptoms; it's about allowing your body to heal naturally.


Meet the Team

IMG_3107 2_edited.jpg

Dr. Alfredo Petrone


BHSc (Hons), DC




Ashleigh Low

Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, HBSc


Ash Picyk_RMT.jpg

Ash Picyk

Registered Massage Therapist





Clinical Counsellor

HBSc, MEd.






Registered Massage Therapist



We direct bill with the following extended health benefits:

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