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Driven Life Podcast - Ep. 4: Life will never be the same.

Throughout this time we have been hearing a lot about “returning to normal” and finding the “new normal.” But what does this really mean? Will life ever be the same again? The answer is hopefully not! Like anything in life we need to take everything as a learning experience to better ourselves. Our bodies and our lives are constantly changing and adapting to become better. The truth is we don’t ever want to go back to what is “normal.” Normal is something that is constantly confused with common. For example, it is very common for us to have low back pain, headaches, be over weight etc. This is not “normal” and so it becomes tricky to redefine our “new normal.” In this episode, Dr. Alfredo and Miguel discuss some of the things they have learned from this pandemic how they will be creating their “new normal.”

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